Crosslake Communications – excelling in service and technology
Crosslake Communications has provided trusted telecommunications products and services to the Crosslake area businesses and residents since 1925. While our offerings have evolved and grown through the years, our exceptional customer service and support have been constant.

Through the years, Crosslake Communications has invested in the infrastructure to bring services to the citizens of Crosslake. What began as a telephone company is now a communications company offering, in addition to telephone services – cable TV, including High Definition TV and High Speed Internet with speeds up to 20 Mb as well as computer repair service.

The 10 dedicated employees offer excellent customer service with quick response to making sure that our customers have service when they need it. The staff’s years of service combined represent over 190 years. We strive to know our customers and their communications needs.

We are proud of what we offer and the services we provide. We look forward to continuing to build Crosslake as a city with first-rate services that connect our residents to the world.

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