Welcome to Crosslake Communications.

We know that today’s home or lake place functions best with the rock-solid reliability of a home telephone, and the peace and security of a working 911 connected telephone in an emergency. No matter who is at your home, our telephone service keeps you connected.


Reliable  |  Automatic Emergency Connections  |  Works in Power Outages  |  Charger Not Required ; – )

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Connecting is Easy

Local calls

Subscribers of Crosslake Communications can call locally to Crosslake (218-692) exchanges. Your calling area is broadened with our Expanded Calling Area service.

Neighbor to Neighbor calling

Neighbor to Neighbor calling provides seven-digit calling for $4.95 per month for free calls to your neighbors in;

  • Mission 218-765
  • Leader 218-397
  • Outing 218-792
  • Motley 218352
  • Pillager 218-746
  • Nokay Lake 218-764
  • Lincoln 218-575
  • Emily 218-763
  • Freedham 320-745
  • Randall 320-749
  • Sullivan 320-277
  • Crosby 218-545*
  • Brainerd/Baxter 218-454*
    *not all numbers in these exchanges are included

Under this plan you will be able to call your neighbors in the 218 area code exchanges shown by dialing the seven digit number (without a “1” or the area code).  The 320 area code exchanges listed will need to be dialed with the 320.  We caution you to be sure you do not dial a “1” prior to the numbers. You will not be billed for calls dialed to these exchanges if you do not dial a “1” first.

Optional Extended Area Service Calling

You can now call all these areas without long distance charges for one low rate of $1.00 per month and 5 cents per minute. Call for details.

  • Pequot Lakes (568)
  • Breezy Point (562)
  • Pine River (587)
  • Ideal Corners (543)
  • Jenkins (568)
  • Manhattan Beach (543)

Free Local Directory

Our free local directory listings help you be a part of the local community.  Get your phone service and make sure neighbors and friends (new and old) can find you.

Lakes Lakes Long Distance

  • All plans will have a 30 second minimum billing.
  • Billed in 6-second increments there after.
  • Federal Universal Service Charge will be charged for as required.
  • 9.9 cents per minute for both Intrastate and Interstate calls.
  • A monthly service charge of $1.95 will be applied.

Voice Mail

Additional costs, package may vary, call today for details
When you are on the phone, away from home or just can’t make it to the phone, voice mail from Crosslake Communications is the answer. Unlike answering machines, voice mail can answer several calls at once and record the date and time of each call. On the phone or on the Internet? It will even forward your voice mail to your e-mail account. Voice mail will handle those calls too.
Additional features available with Voice Mail from Crosslake Communications provides you with:

  • Up to nine mailboxes per account
  • Message forwarding capability
  • Message forwarded to e-mail
  • Message distribution lists

Cabin Security

A phone at the cabin is your reliable connection and lifeline in emergencies.  With visitors at your location, who often don’t know your address getting there fast in emergencies is critical.  Just call from your phone provided by Crosslake Communications to automatically transmit address information in an emergency call to 911.  When seconds make the life or death difference, make sure your cabin phone is connected.

Are you a senior citizen over 65 with Supplemental Security Income or is
your family part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

You may qualify to save on your Internet with Crosslake Communications.