Not a product – for information only!


I developed an auxiliary input modification for my Mercedes stereo.  I intended to develop this modification into a product.  However, I found that there is a wide variation in Mercedes stereos, even models that appear identical on the outside.  It was not practical for me to turn this into a product.


I’ve kept these pages active for information only, in case an owner wishes to make this modification on his or her own.






Bipes Automotive has developed an auxiliary input modification for certain Mercedes stereos.  With this auxiliary input you can easily connect an iPod or other portable player and enjoy full-fidelity sound through your factory system.  You can also connect a satellite radio and likewise enjoy it in full fidelity.  The stock appearance and functionality of your stereo – including tape and CD – is preserved. 


The actual input itself is in the form of a 12” cable out of the back of your radio, terminated in a 3.5mm stereo jack.  Bipes Automotive provides a standard audio cable to connect your portable device to this jack.  Satellite radio may require an adapter cable with RCA jacks, readily available at audio retailers.


For iPods, Bipes Automotive recommends adding the SiK imp.  The SiK adapter can be used to connect the line output of your iPod directly to the Bipes Automotive auxiliary input using the standard stereo cable, while also powering and charging your iPod from the cigar lighter.  Visit for more information.



*    Stock appearance and functionality.

*    All standard stereo components, including tape, CD, and telephone, operate as usual.

*    Clear, full-fidelity sound.

*    Easy operation.